Start RaspBProject: because Raspberry Pi is a real convenience

Ritratto di gigismi

   Hi everyone who read this blog and generally the HLCZ news.

 I'm going to talk about Raspberry Pi because in the last meeting, we decided to buy it and working on a new open project. Indeed we were able to make a lot of thing at HLCZ laboratory but we want to test this new world opened by these devices.

So this article is the first step (the latter if you have already read the 'article on how to make a personal server with Raspberry Pi) to share and find collaboration between us and everyone who want to experiment with us. We are proud about our open-collaboration. HackLab CatanZaro will be always alive until there are people who want do it.

So, do you want to play, test, experiment with a Raspberry Pi? Come visit us as soon as possible.

Let's check our next meeting here.