Hack Voice Tracer Digital Recorder as mp3 player

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Hacking means curiosity to use a device in every way you want because General purpose hardware means general use of a device, but sometime or often this is not true. This is the case of some voice recorder like the one I'm writing this post. I use it to record my University lessons and I'd like also to use during the break to listen music.

So after some trouble shooting. i have found a way to insert a validable mp3 file into the mp3 voice player.

I discover that ....

........ in a very simple way a mp3 file is validated by a starting string recognizable for each device (or maybe for all device), inserted into the beginning of every file. This allows to a single file to be validated and so played on the voice recerder as a voice track.

Let's see how i have done for the :

PHILIPS Voice Tracer Digital Recorder LFH0615/00

and use it as mp3 player.


gig@gig:~/VR$ ls
gig@gig:~/VR$ head DVT_A001.MP3 > head-Voice-Recoder
#I've moved an mp3 file to the same folder:
gig@gig:~/VR$ mv ../Musica/VirtuS/Mygal[BlessTheLadiesriddim-VirtuS].mp3 .
#Now we have three file in the folder:
gig@gig:~/VR$ ls
#Now put the voice recorder Header into the header of the mp3 file with the following command
gig@gig:~/VR$ cat head-Voice-Recoder Mygal[BlessTheLadiesriddim-VirtuS].mp3 >> MyGal-Virtus.mp3

Now you can put back your mp3 file and use your voice recorder as a mp3 player.

This is the faster way to modify your mp3. Remember that some voice recorder does not support high Bit Rate so some issues could be from it. There are also more practical way to edit multi file in a single command but i think you can Do It Yoursef because the usefull news is the one i have explained in the code above. However if you have some question contact me or us or reply as comment, i will be happy to share and help in a community way anyone.

Happy hacking everyone :-D