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OpenWRT on TP-LINK tl-wr841nd + olsr + tinc + nodogsplash

I have prepared a firmware for a new model. This is the link of the firmware Updated to revision 30472.

For all informations read the article in the link below. This firmware is the same in sofware but different in model.


This firmware has been tested on wr841nd ver 7.


OpenWRT on TP-LINK tl-wr741n/nd + tinc + olsrd + nodogsplash

Hi everyone,

This is a post just to share my result about the work I made for our mesh project with "". I would like to tell you that I've ended the process to modify a new firmware for our purposes.This firmware has been customized with additional packages such as:

  • olsrd (mesh protocol)
  • tinc (vpn)
  • nodogsplash (a simple splashscreen non-captiveportal)