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This site has been tested also from new kind of device:

Ereader of different brads

Join us to let us know your opinion about it or simply click on image to see more details. Enjoy from all your devices :-D

On the way back from NinuxDay

Foto Ninux Day 2013Returning from Ninux Day 2013

The only day that lasts a weekend. Next: 12-18 May 2014 BattleMesh v7 in Leipzig (Germany).

We have done a great deal and we exchanged many ideas and experiences, experiences that we now carry in our respective realities and places. Thank you so much to everyone for these wonderful three days now as I write I know that the next step is that of the 12-18 May 2014 BattleMesh v7 in Leipzig (Germany) of which we are already organizing and we have already accessions. To learn more take a look at the link: or contact us at the live meeting to join us :-D


Hack Voice Tracer Digital Recorder as mp3 player

Hacking means curiosity to use a device in every way you want because General purpose hardware means general use of a device, but sometime or often this is not true. This is the case of some voice recorder like the one I'm writing this post. I use it to record my University lessons and I'd like also to use during the break to listen music.

So after some trouble shooting. i have found a way to insert a validable mp3 file into the mp3 voice player.

I discover that ....

ASCII ART is Cool !

This is a version of HLCZ logo in ASCII ART

      ,                   # :                                              
      .`,.       ;`       # + ..                                           
     ` +@'       @'.      ,#@ '.            `                              
     .'@@@       @@#       `@,@           `#, :                            
      #@@@`      @@@     ,.:@@@          .`:#:.+@      :`                  
      @@@@+      @@@     @'@@@@         ..++@@@@@@`     :+.:'':            
      @@@@@      @@@     ',@@@@         @#@@@@@@@@@.                       
      +,@@@     .+@@     ` @@@@        .'@@@@@@@@@@@, . ...    .'`  `      
      ,.@@+      ,@@    :+'@@@#        #@@@@@@@  #+@.   ++@@@@@@@@@@@@     
       +@@@,    '@@@    +#@@@@,       :+@@@@@@    `,   .@+'@@@@@@@@@@@`    
   +:.+@@@@@@@@'@@@@'   @.@@@@         :@@@@#@         .@@@@@@@@@@@@@@     
  '@@@@@@@@@@@@++@@@@.  @ @@@@         :@@@@#@                @;@@@@@      
  +@@@@@@@@@#++@@@@@,   @ @@@@          @@@@@+               .#@@@@@       
       @@@@@     @@@    @,@@@'         +@@@@@:              +@@@@@@        
       @@@+@     @@@    @@@@@          ;+@@@@:            .:@@@@@#         
       ++@'@     @@@   ,@@@@@           .@,@@:           #@@@@@@:          
       :@@:@     ;@@   +@@@@@`,:@;:#`   .@ @@:          `@@@@@@`  .:;+:.   
       ,+@:@     .#@   @@@@@@@@@@@@@:   :@@@@            @@@@@,::.+@+@@@.  
       .+@:@      @@:  +@@@@@@@@@@@@@'   ;@@@@       :,. +@@@;@@@@@@@'`    
        +@;@      @@@  #@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@   '+@@'`    ##@  #@@@@@@@@':@@@    
        +@@@      :@@  +@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@#:  :@@@@,.#@@@   @@@@+             
        @@+@       @@  :@@,@@@@@@@@@@@@:     :@@@@@@.   ,@.                
                  ,@@  :::                                                 

How to make a Raspberry Pi Box - HLCZ graphical box contest

Sometimes we used to buy a box, while others prefer to build it. This last example is the case of hlcz RaspB Pi.

So we decided to start a graphical competition. The winner will have the prize to be really printed ed used as box.

So this is my own version. Very simple and classic like "Matrix" is. For a good print preformance i suggest to use a green paper in a Black&White printer. :-D

It is free downloadable here.

Start RaspBProject: because Raspberry Pi is a real convenience

   Hi everyone who read this blog and generally the HLCZ news.

 I'm going to talk about Raspberry Pi because in the last meeting, we decided to buy it and working on a new open project. Indeed we were able to make a lot of thing at HLCZ laboratory but we want to test this new world opened by these devices.

So this article is the first step (the latter if you have already read the 'article on how to make a personal server with Raspberry Pi) to share and find collaboration between us and everyone who want to experiment with us. We are proud about our open-collaboration. HackLab CatanZaro will be always alive until there are people who want do it.

So, do you want to play, test, experiment with a Raspberry Pi? Come visit us as soon as possible.

Let's check our next meeting here.


Video Workshop Ninux Calabria

Sono finalmente disponibili online le registrazioni integrali di tutte le sessioni del workshop di Febbraio dove abbiamo presentato il progetto Ninux Calabria. Gli speaker erano Vin-San, geegeek e Spax.

1. Introduzione: La logica rinnovata di una rete libera. Il Wireless Common Manifesto.


Proverbio sulle idee di Luigi S.

Se tu hai una mela, e io ho una mela, e ce le scambiamo, allora tu ed io abbiamo sempre una mela per uno. Ma se tu hai un'idea, ed io ho un'idea, e ce le scambiamo, allora abbiamo entrambi due idee, ed insieme avremo un'altra idea migliore delle nostre quattro. Luigi S. 2012


OpenWRT on TP-LINK tl-wr841nd + olsr + tinc + nodogsplash

I have prepared a firmware for a new model. This is the link of the firmware Updated to revision 30472.

For all informations read the article in the link below. This firmware is the same in sofware but different in model.


This firmware has been tested on wr841nd ver 7.


OpenWRT on TP-LINK tl-wr741n/nd + tinc + olsrd + nodogsplash

Hi everyone,

This is a post just to share my result about the work I made for our mesh project with "". I would like to tell you that I've ended the process to modify a new firmware for our purposes.This firmware has been customized with additional packages such as:

  • olsrd (mesh protocol)
  • tinc (vpn)
  • nodogsplash (a simple splashscreen non-captiveportal)